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Plastic Products

We are one of the biggest Plastic Recycling company in Asia, mainly engaged in PE & PP recycling. Raw materials consist of LDPE/LLDPE packaging film scrap, post industrial & post consumer. Finished goods manufactured out of recycling process is Reprocessed Plastic Agglomerates, Reprocessed Plastic Granules, Lay Flat Tubes, Plastic Sheets and other value added finished goods like Garbage bags, Shrink Wrap Films and molded goods etc.

Woven Sacks, Jumbo Bags, Tarpaulin & Leno Bags Manufacturing Plant at Poly Park is under implementation

There is huge demand for the PP/HDPE fabric by small bag manufacturers who are catering the demands of small quantity tailor made size bags. Packaging of sugar and other edible items will further enhance the demand for PP/HDPE bags many fold and fresh capacities will be required for meeting those demands. It is also evident that despite slowdown in world market polymer growth was witnessed in India. As our economy is in growth mode, despite temporary lull during the current year, we expect growth in demand of woven sacks made up of PP/HDPE.

To overcome the problem of cleanness of the bag hygiene condition, contamination and protection of the content properties such as aroma, color etc used by the food and pharma industrty, we planned to manufacture Jumbo Bags. Since there is a huge gap between the demand and supply due to only a handful number of manufacturers in West Bengal, there is a wide scope in this field of business.

Tarpaulin Bags are used for packing of food grains, flour, maize, animal feed, fertilizers, chemicals, cement etc.

Leno Bags Being Permeable allow the air to pass through the bag which help to keep the product fresh. With their low weights and cost effective nature, they will provide a superior packaging alternative to other materials. Our Leno Bags will be developed to the highest standards of quality and exhibit a high level of flexibility and efficiency.

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  • Reprocessed Plastic Agglomerates & Granules
  • Plastic films & layflat tubes
  • Plastic Composite sheets (substitute of wood and plywood)
  • Garbage bag
  • Woven Sacks
  • Jumbo bag
  • Tarpaulin bag
  • Leno bag
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Our Polymers Unit

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